20 November 2016

Luna Sol

I recently got a Fat Eighth bundle of the lovely Luna Sol from the designer Felice Regina
OMG!  I just love this fabric, the colors are fantastic, the little bunnies are cute.
Aurifil (left to right) 2255, 1133, 2120, 2805, 6738, 2510 Variegated 4658, 4663, 3840, 4660

I immediately had to make a project from them, so I decided to try out Sonic Stitches one hour basket hack, the Eliza Basket with Foundation Paper Pieced geese.  And also Karen's Orange Peel Pincushion, both are free tutorials (links will take you to a new page, so click away)
First for some fussy cutting 
I used all 19 prints when making the Orange Peel Pincushion
The little blue bunnies hopping is my favorite print and I used that on the back.
The reason the pincushion isn't filled is that I was going to mail it as a gift, so it's flat :)
I couldn't leave the back side plain, and had to use my favorite designer, Alison Glass!
The basket is of course filled with Rainbow goodies from AG!
I did keep the original One Hour Basket, corner cutting dimensions of 3", 
instead of the Eliza Basket 2.5" suggestion.
My FQ's fit better in the 3" boxed corners, but this did make the flying geese go right to 
the edge of the basket, but I still love it and plan on making more.
Do you need to pick up some Luna Sol, Janum sells them in F8 (what I got, but wish I had gotten more) 
Also FQ bundles, 1/2 yard and 1 yard bundles.
She also has the matching Aurifil Thread small box available.

Also @iamlunasol Is doing a giveaway in regards to her Kick Starter for some Enamel pins
So be sure to go check that out.
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31 October 2016

Sunday Stash

This week I got a wonderful bundle of fabrics from Janum fabrics.  My most favorite, the stunning metallic bundle of Luster from Zen Chic.
Luster fabrics with Aurifil (left to right) 2021, 6072, 2600, 6736, 4241
Inspired by last weeks Sunday Stash to take a picture like this, it doesn't look as good as My Go-Go Life's though :)
I just love the metallics in this!
In the same package was her Tuesday deal's from Instagram, which are really good, you should check it out.
On the left the Cat's Meow and of course I just had to get a charm pack of Handmade.  She also always includes the cutest buttons in your package.
I showed off my new Aurifil threads last week, along with a giveaway, it's still going on till Monday night.
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24 October 2016

Fall Thread Giveaway!

Hello Everyone,
Fall is my least favorite season, is it warm is it cold, sunny or rainy, please just make up your mind weather and do it!
But I do love the changing of the colors on the leaves, I'm not a big brown fan, but watching the leaves change colors is so fun and pretty.  Were I live we aren't there just yet, in fact I had to go up to the monasteries and even there only found 2 trees who leaves were going all pretty.
Behind our house looking down at Rousanou Monastery.
See the trees haven't changed just yet.  But I made these 3 pouches out of fabric that I received free from Moda, Courtyard by 3 Sisters, it's not my normal type of fabric and I looked at it and was like, ugh... but it sure does make pretty fall leaves.

For a giveaway I would like to give to you one of these pouches, a #sewillustrated pincushion, a charm pack of "Courtyard" fabric along with some Aurifil thread and gold ribbon!  Yippee, if the fabric doesn't thrill you the thread should, hahaha!
Fall Giveaway!
A Large 50wt. spool in color Moonshine 6724 and 2 smaller spools in #2370 and #4173
The exterior leaf
And the interior spelled motif of Thankful and Blessed
Are all done with this gorgeous and wonderful to work with Aurifil Brillo Gold thread!  I wish I could send some of this to you but no way am I letting it out of my greedy little hands!
The Silver is #800 and the Gold is #739
I did recently get my Aurifil thread order in from my favorite European source Busy Needle, Elita the owner is wonderful to work with, plus I think her prices are good!
Isn't that the cutest sticker, if you want one on your box just ask Elita!
This time around I was in desperate need of some neutral thread colors.
UhOh all out of Aurifil neutral colors, very hard to ignore all of the pretty colors.
Inside my box, I think I did a good job of just picking mostly neutrals, oh okay I had to get some color, I'm working on a long term EPP project that just needed those soft blues and pinks along with a brighter red and of course I will be quilting it with my favorite variegated thread #4660 in 12 wt.

2600 is my all time favorite neutral, it works with all colors as a soft grey, but with a nice sheen.
I also like 2021 it is white but not bright white or a yellow white, it is also very good.
New to me this time around were these guys.
New Aurifil thread colors
#6722 Sea Biscuit is a cross between the 2021 that I spoke of earlier and 2026, it's not as yellow meringue as the 2026 so I think it's a keeper.  Now as you can see from the number AND name 6724 and 6725 are very similar, they are a brownish grey color, not sure if I like them or not, the 6724 moonshine (that I am giving away) has a nice sheen to it, that reminds me of my favorite 2600, the 6725 moondust is more flat. Jedi 6736 is a dark grey blue color it's alright I will see how it looks when sewing up darker colors.
Did you read all of that, good job, enter below in the Rafflecopter for your chance to win some Aurifil plus the rest of the goodies in the picture.
The first one is mandatory but the other's are not, if you do stop by these shop's tell them Mara says Hi! And in case you are wondering why I want to say Hello to the Fat Quarter Shop, read last weeks blog post about how awesome they are.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

3 Fall Pouches
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16 October 2016

Why you should get the Sew Sampler Box!

In the beginning of September I was really lucky to have won Fat Quarter Shop's September Sew Sampler Box. But I said to myself, "I can't accept this, they would have to mail it all the way to Greece and that would be very expensive" (it's not by the way, keep reading :)
All of the Sew Sampler goodies (Aurifil threads are my own :)

 So I thought it would be a better idea for them to send it to a sewing gal who just lost everything in the Louisiana floods a horrible tragedy, not only loosing mementos like photographs and the memories of her home.  But her brand new car, brand new sewing machine and  her recently organized fabric stash.

The Floods took it all and she became homeless.  I asked the Fat Quarter Shop if they would be so kind as to send my September Sew Sampler box to her instead, to bring a small smile to her face.  And not only did they send the Sew Sampler box but they sent so much more!! Melody told me "We’re going to put together a little something extra for Margaret" lol, yes I see a little something extra.
All of the wonderful items sent from the Fat Quarter Shop
Wow, Fat Quarter Shop, you are so amazingly generous, it still brings tears to my eyes, and I'm not even the one who received all of these goodies, but I know that she really appreciates everything, Thank you so much!.  But then they also sent me my  box!! WHAT! WOW! 
I put immediate use to everything inside.
Making a pouch using this free tutorial.
Just changed the back to using 2.5" strips for the top and bottom of the bag and a 4.5" strip of linen in the middle.
And a Sew Travel Bag using Elm Street Quilts free tutorial
The only change I made to the tutorial is to bind it instead of sewing around and flipping it.  I have found when sewing with vinyl it is better and easier to bind it

SO why should you sign up for the Fat Quarter Shop's Sew Sampler Box, first it is a reasonable price of $24.95 a month the one time sign up fee is .99 cents and shipping well if you live in the States it's a no brainer, hurry up and sign up, what the f**k are you waiting for, only $4.95, Canada is pretty reasonable as well at $12 and then for us International's I thought for sure it would be like $25 to mail but it's ONLY $16 so again not bad at all, taking the total of the box up to $40.95 a month, and let me tell you you WANT everything in the box!  I am the kind of gal who can only purchase what I need, but there is of course so much more that I want, but never buy, well here you go, FQS as made it easy for you and is sending you the stuff you really wanted, but had a hard time actually purchasing, like this month's October box (you have till the 20th to sign up for) they have already shared this sneak peek.
All the heart eyes, they are going to send the Handmade Bonnie & Camille Embroidery Floss Collection.  I have had this in my I would love to have imaginary shopping cart since I say it come out at Spring Market with Lecien Cosmo threads.
So sign up today, you won't be disappointed, in the last box they sent over $50 dollars worth of supplies which makes up for even the cost of International shipping.
And I have already used everything in the September box, yes even the seam ripper (hehe) can't wait for my October box!!
I love and have used everything in the September box!
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30 September 2016

September the cushion month

I made a few cushions this month for some challenges, I wanted to make more, but you know, time, it wait's for no one.
First cushion that I finished is a really easy and quick make, saw a gal do it on Instagram for the Modern Makers Cushion Palooza and was like oohh.. I want to make that with the new Raindrop fabric that I just got.

Buttons are cut from the Selvedge on the Raindrop fabric, so cute.
If you would like to make your own Sprocket Pillow, it is a free pattern available at Cluck Cluck Sew
It was really rainy, for weeks, so this pillow had some magically powers and made it sunny again.  My daughter has claimed it as her pillow.
Rain, Rain Go Away, Come Again Some other day! I'm not a fan of rain, can you tell :)
Next up was actually a UFO/WIP I didn't finish it originally because I wanted to make the back special as well as the front and was trying to come up with something.
I decided on this, what do you think? Makes me think of a Stained Glass Porthole.
The kids fought over who would get to claim this pillow,
Katerina technically won, she is very good at wrestling, but since she got the previous pillow this one went to Nik.
Nik was excited to have won and even agreed to take some photos (rare occurrence)
I then asked if he could take a few photos with me holding the pillow, this is how that went.

 Me Speaking.
  1. Don't stand so close to mummy.
  2. Try to get just the pillow
  3. That's better, but try to get all of the pillow in the picture.
  4. um yeah I guess your done taking photos then huh?

This pattern is a free video tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company, instead of the 5" pieces of fabric suggested in the tutorial I used 2.5", the pillow measures at 20" square, and I used a zipper at the bottom.
We took these pictures at an old abandoned stone house.
Next up is a labor of love, I had originally wanted to enter it into 3 different challenges, but was unable to finish it in time for the Selvage Challenge, that is okay because I originally got this idea from a gal on Instagram when she showed her #shapefamilychallenge pictures and I just loved how she made Hearts out of Paper pieces!
these hearts are made with
1 - 2" 6 Point Diamond and
2 x 1" Jewels
 When you put the hearts together they made a void in the shape of a star, SO I am calling this cushion Swirling Hearts and Stars.

I went outside again to take some new photos, does this one look better?

Originally I was only going to quilt the stars,
Only stars quilted
But it didn't pop as much as I thought it would, so then I quilted everything except the hearts, plus I really wanted to use my new Aurifil Brillo 739, it's so pretty and sews like butter!
Everything quilted but the hearts
I used some of my favorite prints with selvedges and some of my favorite designers got heart's around their names, don't worry I live to far away to become a stalker :)
I also mention my family, who lives in the USA
Okay I'll stop now, Picture overload! oh wait, let me show the back, had this picked out in the beginning for the selvedge challenge,
Insta Love fabric on front and selvedge on back
Envelope back, cushion is not stuffed yet, need to make a special shape for it and I'm out of fill.

Linking all 3 Pillows to Modern Makers Cushion Palooza
And the English Paper  Piecing Pillow that I showed last was made using the Hexie Shape Family from Tales of Cloth for their #shapefamilychallenge
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22 September 2016

Strawberry Goody Goody Binding Kit

I just heard about The Sewing Loft September Sew & Tell yesterday and I was like oohhh... I need to make something.
The Categories are, Tools & Technique, Sewing Shapes, Scrappy Fabrics and Handmade Gifting.  I thought it would be fun if I could make ONE thing that could go in ALL of the Categories, a true challenge right ;)
So I give you my Scrappy Strawberry Goody Goody Binding Kit,
This is a free tutorial available with Lella Boutique, I have made a few of these, in fact it is my favorite thing to give to a fellow sewing buddy (I will show photos of others that I have made at the bottom of this post).  It is so versatile, it was made as a binding kit to hold some chocolates or whatever while you bind quilts, but I don't do quilts, but I do do English Paper Piecing and love it to hold all of my little bits and bobs for EPP projects.
Goody Goody Binding Kit with Sewing Tools
Now these aren't just hexies these are special Foundation Paper Pieced Hexies, my next favorite thing to create, FPP!  So how about that 2 in 1, the little jar of Strawberry Jam is from Susi herself of Tiny Toffee Designs, are you slightly jealous, hehe, We were in a Hexie swap together and I got partnered with her, if you don't know her, check her out, she was just featured in Issue 37 of Love Patchwork and Quilting Magazine.  
Scrappy Hexies
 I started with this bunch of scrappy hexies, some from Susi and some from Nicole @littlesewitall and a few I made.  I wanted to include a few more FPP EPP strawberry hexies and I used this pattern here.
When I do Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP) I use this awesome tool called a Finger Presser, it saves me from having my iron on all the time. (which my husband would constantly nag me about) Also it is very good at not allowing you to "stretch" the stitches which you see some people do when they do FPP, the stitching should be invisible and not stretched.
I have 2 different sewing tool Finger Presser's one is Clover and the other a wooden one.
Sewing Shapes Challenge, all about hexagons!

 I wouldn't have been able to do these hexies since I was working on them at night with out my Mighty Bright light, I just got this 2 days ago, perfect timing from my friend Erin @sewathomemummy
Mighty Bright Light, like sewing in daylight.
Hexies are truly my favorite shape!
Aurifil Monofilament Thread is also a very helpful tool when putting Hexies together.
The stitching doesn't show at all when using Monofilament thread to piece your hexies together, so Scrappy!
Interior Goody Goody Sewing Kit, the way I like it!
Just need to add a zipper pull to my zipper.
I will be giving this Scrappy Strawberry Goody Goody Kit to a friend of mine who loves Strawberries as much as I do, here are a few other's I have gifted in the last year.
Went to a well known blogger that was pregnant last year and wanted to join the needlebook swap, but didn't have time.

I was a Fairy Tale Swap Angel (her original partner did not send her a gift) this was part of her package along w/ a mini.
For the NanaCompany Swap, made with Paperie Fabrics.
I  thought I had more, but can't seem to find them, but don't they make great gifts!
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